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Professional Performance Practitioner - I work with High performing individuals across – Business, Personal, Family – High achievers – need a trusted counsel with skills in many areas – “ They know their Degree will not stop them from Falling”  

It’s lonely at the top. While this is a truism, so many companies ignore the needs of their senior managers for individual support.

Frequently, employers don’t perceive that what is happening in the manager’s personal or interior life is affecting the bottom line and ROI.

I am a professional performance practitioner with expertise across leadership, mediation, employment strategies, therapy and business development.
Prosperous companies see a need for wise counsel when directing the future of the company. While employers acknowledge the importance of human resources expertise, training sessions and management retreats, they often neglect the needs of the individual executive.
It’s not what the person is “doing” that counts.  Rather it’s who they are “being” that captures repeat business so the company can grow organically.
Why engage a performance practitioner for your senior people? Because people are the life’s blood of your company’s success! And yet, attention to individual needs is not easily found in a highly competitive organisation.

As a professional performance practitioner, I am also well versed in dealing with the personal subject matter that can shackle some. For instance, limited self-belief, fear of failure and family strain.

Please do not confuse me for HR, EAP (employee assistance program) or a trainer. My skills are laser focused on the High achieving individual and his or her peak performance in business and life.
If you feel your company or any part of it has become hidebound and mired in policy, processes and traditions that are getting in the way of excellent company growth…then you may consider that a conscious shift in leadership beliefs, behaviors and attitudes is worth investing in.
My skills have been learned through my own entrepreneurship, diplomas and certificates, coaching mentors and university. I come to the table with 25 years in the people business.

I have authored seven books on achieving excellent performance.
There are also many work books, strategy tools in the DIPAC intellectual property.

Stage 1 to 5

  • Egocentric 
  • High Levels of Distraction 
  • Converional Results 
  • Limited Implementation

Exisiting Stage 6

  • Already have a complete written strategy

New Stage 6 

  • Continual study and revision of written strategies
  • High level of teachability

Strategy 360: Randall Bell


DIPAC uses a HOLISTIC model and we believe it’s all up to:
You - Your Decisions - Your Actions - Your Results

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