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Unfortunately, life isn’t always plain sailing. From relationship break-ups through to unhappy childhoods, unsatisfying work, unsupportive families or just the stresses and strains which come from a 21st century lifestyle, there are all sorts of reasons why people can experience on-going emotional distress.

It is not an admission of failure to admit that you may need help, it is a sign of strength. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. So, if you believe that you could benefit from any kind of counselling, therapy or mediation, you should not hesitate to contact DIPAC Counselling.

We are not just limited to the Canberra region and can provide appointments online for all counselling, therapy and mediation services via Zoom, Skype and Telehealth.



We’re living in a stressful and difficult world. Sometimes, this can really affect us and drag our mental health down. If you feel like you are struggling, whatever the issue, you should consider talking to DIPAC Counselling.

Couples counselling


Couples counselling allows you and your partner to share your frustrations and concerns. Our counsellors are very experienced and can offer varying strategies in order to manage you and your partner’s concerns.

Marriage counselling


Our experienced, fully qualified therapists use a variety of different techniques, working towards achieving the best outcome for both parties in the marriage. Our therapists are able to tailor what we offer to suit individual couples.

Anxiety counselling


Many people feel too embarrassed to ask for help, or they think their anxiety is not such a big deal. Anxiety counselling gives people the chance to talk to a professional who has a deep understanding of anxiety.

Grief counselling


Grieving after losing a loved one is natural. Unfortunately, many people find that they don’t seem to be able to move forward from the negative thoughts and feelings which frequently form part of the grieving process.

Family counselling


Whether it’s coping with rebellious teens, conflicting parenting priorities, difficulties with the in-laws or a change in circumstances, there are numerous reasons why families may need a little extra help.

Relationship counselling


All relationships go through ups and downs. That’s only natural. But despite our best efforts, sometimes relationships can break down, quickly or over a long period of time. That’s where DIPAC can help.

Pre-marriage counselling


Pre-marriage counselling facilitates a direct and open conversation between both members of a relationship, allowing both parties to voice their concerns and beliefs.  DIPAC can help before your big day.



Mediation allows the two conflicting parties more control over the handling of their dispute and exists as an alternative to formal legal action. Most mediation proceedings are settled after the first few sessions.

Family group councelling


Family group conferencing is a way to bring family members together in a positive way with an impartial facilitator to make a plan for their child, young person or elderly family member that all agree to.

Conflict resolution canberra


Darleen has expertise in a wide range of areas and is able to strengthen long-term family relationships using sustainable methods. She is able to bring about real change for those wishing to resolve their issues.

Sex therapy


Great sex and lovemaking can be the glue that keeps you feeling deeply and physically connected with each other. Most couples however, don’t really talk much about what they like and don’t like with each other.

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Couples & family counselling, therapy & mediation

Struggling, confused, overwhelmed or just want to talk? We can help!

There is always a way forward

DIPAC offers relationship counselling services across Australia via Zoom, Skype, Telehealth and also face to face appointments

Come in and talk to us. We can help with a variety of issues.

Our Canberra therapists can explore a wide range of issues, empowering couples and individuals to find solutions and ways of thinking and acting which work for them. Often used alongside lifestyle changes, therapy can be a powerful way of improving mental well-being.

Our name, DIPAC, stands for discipline, innovation, persistence, attitude and courage. DIPAC treats everyone equally and you maybe able to claim your sessions with your private health provider.

So if you need to discuss the issues in your life or just want to talk to someone, we can help.

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