• Well, it’s been a long year, 2017 was the worst year of our married life and 2018 has ended up being the best. I find it hard to comprehend how our family could be back together, all talking to one another when we were so dysfunctional.

    Our family owe you so much gratitude.


  • Thank you Darleen for the care you have given me and my family. We are now in a much better place. You were right, I was getting very tired and angry caring around old wounds.


  • Firstly, thank you so much for your help with resolving my personal issues. I feel so healthy and as if a giant weight has been taken off my shoulders. I am forever thankful for Darleen invigorating my mind and helping me begin the process of finding my passion and chasing my dreams, whatever that may be. My life has changed dramatically for the better. I wish I had met you sooner.

    Miner - WA

  • Dear Darleen Thank you for your wisdom kindness compassion and guidance this year and for playing such an important role on my sobriety journey.


  • I want to so thank you, after many years of being medicated for depression and anxiety, I no longer need medication. My GP said he was very happy to slowly remove my meds since seeing how far I had come with a healthy mind set and a change in my environment. Your quote “you need to get in a different room” rings in my ears daily.


  • Without hesitation, I would recommend Darleen to anyone. Darleen is extremely effective in bringing out issues to steer you on the right path and provide the level of support and motivation to let you achieve what you need to achieve. Anyone or any business, who is not performing at their best, can benefit greatly from Darleen’s skills

    Senior bank manager - NAB

  • Darleen, you ask the questions which took us from there is no way to there is someway to work our problems through. You constantly say “you are going through” this meant we would come out the other end.
    We just needed to work out what we wanted and commit to working through our problems one at a time. We have learned so much in this last 12 weeks, we have new skills (which are working). Couples counselling, I would never have considered it in the past, but our friends said you saved their marriage so we thought we would try. We are so happy we met you and so grateful for what you have taught us.

    Forever ever thankful our children have happy parents again.

    Donna and Brad

  • Darleen thank you for all your support and guidance. I very much appreciate having you to talk things through with. Ps: I took the job 🙂


  • Dearest Darleen It was difficult for me to attend my first counselling session after separating from my wife after 20yrs of marriage. You are very easy to talk to and I will come and see you again.


  • Well I was not sure you could show me anything new about myself, but you proved me wrong. I would recommend Darleen to anyone who struggles with no confidence. Her ability to pull you out of your self is amazing. I was brought up in an abusive family, not the best environment for a child. I was full of anxiety, self-loathing, anger and fear. Darleen is patient and kind; this was new to me. I had always felt a burden to all. I’m not stopping yet, as you know my big goal is to be the best version of me in every chapter of my life. You said to me I needed to get out of my own way, then you showed me how. So grateful for you, I feel I have a mother figure with the wisdom you share.


  • After many years in Special Forces, I was feeling void of anything positive in my life. When I arrived at your door, I was at my lowest. I’m on a different track now and I think I owe you for saving my life. The last 6 months working with you has been an incredible journey.


  • Darleen, I came to you on my own as my marriage had reached an all time low. My husband was being aggressive towards me, it had gotten to the stage where a family intervention was entered into and lawyers were involved. You contacted my husband and invited him to talk with you. Within a very short time you identified he had suffered childhood trauma and he was bringing his pain into our relationship. It has been a very long journey for us, but so worth it. Our children are happy, they laugh a lot and their father laughs with them. He no longer drinks to escape his pain and he shows me love and kindness on a daily basis. There is much healing to be done and he will be working with you for sometime in the future but you have been our light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Darleen you are one of the most dedicated people I know, you never once gave up on us.

    So very thankful. Much love from us to you.

    Brenda and Doug