How strong is your relationship?

Do you feel your partner knows and accepts who you really are?

Do you feel you know and accept who your partner really is?

Do you feel safe with your partner and within your relationship?

Do you feel your partner supports your goals in life?

Do you support the goals of your partner?

Do you feel that your partner listens to you when you share your thoughts and feelings?

Are you interested when your partner talks about his or her thoughts or feelings?

Do you feel that you and your partner give and take in equal measure?

Do you feel that you can trust your partner?

Do you feel your partner can trust you?

Do you and your partner maintain your own identities and lives outside of your relationship?

Do you take your sense of wellbeing and happiness from within yourself and from the life you have created for yourself and not just from your relationship?

Are you comfortable engaging in conflict with your partner?

When you do engage in conflict, you find it productive instead of destructive?

When life throws up a challenge, can you handle it well together as a team?

Are you able to maintain personal boundaries with your partner and have them respected?

Do you allow your partner to say no to things that don't work for him/her?

Do you value your relationship, and not just what it gives you?

Do you feel relaxed and calm around your partner?

When you think about your life in ten years time do you see yourself still happily with your partner?