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Would you trade time for money?

Imagine a friend of yours has all that money can buy, the big house, the great cars and boats, holidays and is 70 years of age and you are 40 years of age.

If he said “I’ll give you all I have, if you will give me 40 years of your life”.

Who would be better off now?

Adopt a “Just do it” Attitude.

What’s your plan? Is it to be Better, Faster and more Effective?

You can have your cake now and you can eat it as well

Do you let the words of others affect you?

Do you mind what they think of you?

Remember that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. It’s not what they say to you that’s the problem, it’s what you say to yourself after they have stopped talking that’s the problem. Change the way you think.

List the words that you use on a consistent basis when you feel let down or annoyed. People use different words to mean the same thing and depending upon the intensity of the word – this will have an effect on your confidence. Instead of saying “I’m enraged about this” say, “I’m a little annoyed”. Make a substitute list for the words that you use.

Make sure they are lower in intensity and then use them.

You’ll be surprised with the results.

Ask yourself; “Do I like the drama?”

Having someone keep you accountable for achieving your goals is an important step in fast-tracking your results.

In searching for an ‘accountability buddy’, it’s important to find someone who has your best interests at heart.

Don’t listen to the ‘you can’t do it mates’ – they want to keep you small.

Aim to read a non-fiction book a week.
Aim for a book that will help you get to where you desire to be in life. If you don’t have time to read, consider audio books and pod casts and multi-task when you are driving your car or travelling on public transport.

Believe that you are unstoppable.

Research what is possible for the future.
Go beyond the first page of Google with your research.
Find examples of people who have overcome adversity to achieve their dream.

All relationships require trust, direction, communication and commitment to be successful.

Place yourself at the top of your life ladder and keep yourself healthy, focused and alert at all times.

Your mistakes are the building blocks to your success. It is better to admit that you made a mistake, realize why you made the mistake, and then make sure you don’t do it again.

Don’t say ‘I don’t know’, practice saying ‘I will find out’.

If you have an issue with a person at work take it up with them in a diplomatic way and seek to understand and then to be understood.

It is not the hours in a day that count it is what you fit into the hour in the day that count.

Life is a fun game to play, should you choose to participate.

You don’t have to be the world’s best at everything you do.

We are the experts in OUR life, no one is better in your life than YOU.

So many people just allow their lives to happen; they have landed in jobs and relationships they didn’t plan. They live life by chance and not by choice.

They just don’t know how to change, or where to start if they even wanted to change.

Can you remember a time when you had big dreams for yourself and something happened that changed your life and your path?

We often default to safety and security, we are afraid to step out and try new things in fear of failure.

Communication is without doubt the most important skill required to live successfully. The world around you is competitive to say the least. People do not just listen to a good communicator; they are ready to bend or unbend to the person’s needs.

Not everybody is privileged to gain communication skills from the word ‘go’. However, all one needs is the goal to become a successful communicator and access to the resources that will teach you how to pick up the skills, and then half the job is done