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I extend my heartfelt apologies if this post has stirred any discomfort, but a compelling urgency gripped my heart this morning, compelling me to address a profoundly important issue. While the holiday season uplifts many in a positive light, it casts a looming shadow for others, creating an atmosphere of dread and fear. For numerous children residing in volatile families, the school, once their sanctuary, is no longer a haven. Instead, they must endure the daily ordeal of staying within the confines of their family home, living in constant fear. Mothers and children navigating the complexities of volatile households are now facing the impending Christmas break with a sense of trepidation.

Immersed in my chosen field, I am privileged to bear witness to a tapestry of human stories, woven with threads of both sorrow and joy. The recent news from the SA Government citing a Royal Commission into DV resonates as a poignant chord, amplifying joy in the hearts of many. My gratitude extends deeply to the women and commendable men who steadfastly drive change—exemplifying courage, bravery, and kindness. I acknowledge that many among you have confronted or are currently facing adversity, and your resilience stands as a blessing to countless others.

Let us collectively aspire to an endeavour where all states collaborate with heightened effectiveness and efficiency, transcending the challenges witnessed during the tumultuous period of the Covid pandemic. Domestic violence, akin to an insidious epidemic, has the potential to corrode peace, safety, and happiness across generations—a distressing reality that transcends time and geography. The degradation of women and children to mere footnotes beneath the heels of men in various corners of the world is a disheartening spectacle—one that we must vehemently reject as incompatible with the values of Australian culture.

At the heart of human rights lies the imperative right to feel safe. In this context, the Australian Government, regrettably, has fallen short, resulting in the tragic loss of numerous mothers and their infants in cold blood. Such a cultural legacy is antithetical to our collective aspirations. In any entity, culture is sculpted by its founders and leaders; Australia, as a united collective, is no exception. The present leadership, regrettably, has stumbled in establishing and sustaining a culture aligned with their own Human Rights policy. It is incumbent upon us to demand and actively work towards a society where safety, justice, and dignity triumph over the shadows of domestic violence.

I hold the belief that the Australian Government, with its multitude of personnel entrusted to uphold the law, may be seen as complicit in a federal crime-allowing defenceless and vulnerable individuals to be unjustly murdered. In my perspective, this parallels the gravity of war crimes, yet accountability remains elusive. It is crucial that we confront these issues earnestly and seek accountability for the sake of justice and the well-being of our society.

This transcends politics; it is about upholding a Quality of Life Standard for the Australian people now and for generations to come.

Note: Domestic Violence happens to men also although more prevalent in the lives of women and children, make no mistake there are men who are absolutely living in fear for their lives and the lives of their children.

Domestic Violence does not discriminate between the rich and poor ….

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