Beating the Odds with Marriage Counselling

Take Back Control in Your Life
Every once in a while, couples will experience difficulty communicating with each other, have disagreements about important issues, or face life-changing events like having a kid or losing a parent. There will be times when quitting will seem easier than staying and working things out. But if you believe your relationship is worth saving, don’t let it become a statistic. Invest in marriage counselling, and get help while it’s not too late. DIPAC offers online marriage counselling in Australia, but also accommodates couples who want to do in-person sessions. Schedule an initial 1-hour session and discover how you can overcome challenges and prosper against adversity.



Flexible Marriage Counselling Options

Flexible Marriage Counselling Options
Here at DIPAC, we understand that every relationship is different, so we tailor our counselling services to meet your specific issues. We also offer pre-marriage counselling to help you and your partner prepare for a lifetime of happiness together. We have online marriage counsellors available for couples who want to have their sessions in the comfort of their homes. For convenience, we also accommodate face-to-face counselling for couples who want to be physically present with their counsellors.

It’s never too late to work on your marriage. Schedule your initial consultation today and be on your way to healing and having a more fulfilling marriage.


Three’s Not a Crowd - In Marriage Counselling, It’s a Necessity

Marriage counselling isn’t just for couples going through tough times; it’s also for couples who want to make sure that issues are addressed before they turn into major problems. Talk to our team to learn more about our marriage counselling services as well as our mediation and therapy options.

Is Marriage Counselling Only for Problematic Marriages?


Marriage counselling is often thought of as something that is only for marriages that are in trouble. While it can certainly help to address and resolve problems in a marriage, it can also be beneficial for couples who simply want to strengthen and improve their relationship.

Working with an online marriage counsellor (or an in-person professional) can give you access to the tools and skills necessary to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts constructively, and create a deeper level of intimacy and connection with your spouse. It can also help you to understand and manage different expectations, roles, and needs within your marriage.

If you are interested in exploring marriage counselling, contact DIPAC to schedule an initial consultation. DIPAC is a service provider in Australia offering marriage counselling to married and unmarried couples alike.

What Marital Issues Can Marriage Counselors Help With?

What Marital Issues Can Marriage Counselors Help With?
The road to successful marriages is not linear. Sometimes an issue will arise here and there, and sometimes they’ll come crashing down on you and your spouse when you least expect it. These issues include the following:
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Trust issues
  • Financial problems
  • Intimacy disconnect
  • Different parenting styles
  • Extended family problems
Marriage counselling services is the buoy that will keep you and your partner afloat when the waves of problems just don’t seem to stop coming. DIPAC can help you with marriage counselling online. You may also schedule a face-to-face consultation if you want to be more present during sessions.