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Life Coping Therapy Canberra

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Enjoy Balance and Abundance

Problems are not solved with the same level of thinking that they were created.

DIPAC is not about telling you what you want to hear, we want you to thrive in life not just survive in life.

We are here to show you skills for life, through listening, persistence and understanding.

Our objective is for you to feel safe and comfortable, life is the longest journey you will ever have, together we place one foot in front of the other.

  • Are your repeated choices becoming expensive?
  • Does your learned behavior jade your ability to focus on solving problems, developing strategies and following them through?
  • Have you been on the wheel of life for many years and not yet discovered the secret to achieving a better Quality of Life?
  • Is anxiety ruining your life?
  • Does your vocabulary include any of the following? “If only” “It’s not my fault” “I can’t afford it” How has this been working for you?
  • When was the last time you blamed someone or your circumstances for your results?
  • Do you believe “you don’t know what you don’t know?”

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DIPAC work with Diplomats from many countries , learning to cope in an unfamiliar environment is both lonely and challenging.

Cross cultural settling in for Diplomats, DIPAC provide a secure sounding board for when you are making lifestyle choices such as schools for the children, social groups, places of employment, where to live etc…

Emotions are high when relocating to another country, moving away from loved ones can be one of life’s more difficult times. On one hand you are excited and on the other very sad sometimes talking things through will help you to gain clarity.

DIPAC will assist you to make those important decisions and create a plan to move forward.

Multiple level thinking is critical, when transitioning to Australia whether it be for a short or long term posting. Often there is only one member in the family who is following their career when being posted to Australia. There are other family members to consider, where will the children attend school? Is there a particular social environment the wife or husband needs to be a part of? If you are looking at long term residency where would you like to settle?