Couples Counselling Canberra

Relationships can be very complicated. Relationships can be made even more complex when you include children, marriage, money, and career demands. Couples counselling helps you see things through a different lens. It can be difficult not to feel negative about your relationship when you are experiencing issues. With DIPAC and Associates, you are in safe hands having a professional couples counsellor work through issues with you.

DIPAC offers couples counselling services for the Canberra, Queanbeyan and ACT region from our offices at Level 1-18 The Realm, National Circuit, Barton, ACT, 2600. If you would like to see a couples counsellor in Canberra or just want to talk to someone, we can help. We also offer online appointments. Call today on: 02 6198 3423 or complete our contact form.

couples counselling canberra

The 4 steps of DIPAC couples counselling - Book a relationship DISCLOSURE package

This package is designed to get to the root of your problems. Safety and developing a secure bond in the relationship can be created by building an emotional connection with your partner. That means doing some things differently to improve communication in our relationship.

  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch
  • Acts of service
  • Receiving gifts

STEP 1: You and your partner attend a 1hr standard appointment together

STEP 2: You and your partner come in individually for a confidential 1 hr standard appointment

STEP 3: You book a 2hr “Disclosure appointment.” Once you book the disclosure appointment, a questionnaire link is automatically sent to the inbox of the person who booked. That person needs to send the link to their partner.

Step 4. Complete the questionnaire and return it to 48hrs prior to your Disclosure appointment.

NB: Your questionnaires will not be shared with your partner (confidential)

Note: The 4 steps work best if all are within a 14-day time frame. What are your reasons for not working on your relationship or your family?

Most couples may need up to 12 additional counselling sessions at the completion of the disclosure package.

Private health rebates may apply

``The Reset`` - 7 steps 7 weeks to a deeper connection

This package is designed for those who have been married or together for 5 plus years and feel they are stuck. Also for those who have transitioned into parenting and feel they have lost their connection.

Please note that this booking package is non-refundable.

STEP 1: Enquiry session – 60mins

STEP 2: Personality profile (online)

STEP 3: Discovery session- 60mins

STEP 4. Questionnaire (online)

STEP 5: Disclosure session- 120mins

STEP 6: Connect and Reset (online)

STEP 7: Check-in – 60mins

Total package cost: $1968.50 plus gst

Note: Choose your initial day and time Step (1) when booking this package. You will receive a phone call to book your additional F2F appointments in advance. 

Private health rebates may apply

Couples Therapy Workshops

Couples counselling allows you and your partner to share your frustrations and concerns. Our couples counsellors are highly experienced and can offer varying strategies in order to manage you and your partner’s concerns. The most common strategies are open discussion, role-playing, and an analysis of negative and damaging behaviours.

Many couples are concerned with couples counselling as they are unsure of the biases of the counsellor. DIPAC counsellors remain neutral to both parties to insure a positive outcome.

Keep your relationship moving is a positive direction

Lets us help you achieve that

Couples Therapy Canberra

Your first session, in particular, is important. This allows you and your partner to lay down some ground rules with regards to what you want to discuss and so on. After the administration has been taken care of, your counsellor will then take a brief history from you about the relationship and from each individual.

Following this, you will discuss any issues you may be having in your relationship with your counsellor and how long these issues have been present. In addition to any efforts already taken to address your issues and your expectations from the counselling.

The purpose of the first few sessions is to relax you and your partner and gently ease you into the counselling. This will make it easier to share feelings, discuss difficult topics, and analyse methods of communication and behaviours in the relationship.

The purpose of the counselling process is to bring the relationship to a new level of understanding. It will improve your communication and your partner’s struggles. Additionally, it is important to remember that every relationship will have arguments and disagreements. Couples counselling will help you understand how to handle disagreements and differing views without damaging the relationship.

Do I need couples counselling?

It is not uncommon for couples to be apprehensive of couples counselling. They may see it as a sign that they’re not meant to be together, and that they should just break up – but this is not the case. If couples attend a counselling session with an open mind and a willingness to work with both their partner and their counsellor, the relationship will benefit.

Counselling will allow your relationship to work past its issues. Rather than being a sign of a weak relationship, it is a sign that your relationship is strong enough to overcome any trials you are currently struggling with.

To find out more about how a couples counsellor can help you, call today on: 02 6198 3423 or complete our contact form.