Stay Together Through Adversity

Stay Together Through Adversity
Couples counselling therapy helps couples improve their relationship by addressing various issues, such as communication problems, conflict and infidelity. It’s designed to assist couples struggling with major life transitions, such as the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, unemployment and more.

The goal of couples counselling is to help couples develop more effective communication and problem-solving skills so they can strengthen their relationship. It can benefit both partners, even if only one is attending therapy. If you’re considering couples counselling, find a therapist you feel comfortable with and who has extensive experience in this area.

Couples counselling can be a valuable investment in your relationship, so don’t hesitate to seek help. For face-to-face and online couples counselling, get in touch with DIPAC. Book an initial 1-hour session with us to see if you would be comfortable with us helping you achieve your relationship goals.


Inclusive Couples Therapy

Inclusive Couples Therapy
In need of Australia couples counselling? DIPAC offers a practical and effective approach to help you improve your relationship with your partner. We believe that every couple is different and deserves individualised attention. Our team will work with you to understand your specific needs and challenges based on your distinct circumstance and dynamics to create a customised plan that you can easily apply daily.Don’t wait until things are falling apart to seek couples counselling – DIPAC can help you build a stronger, more fulfilling relationship from the ground up. Contact us today for details.

5 Steps to a better more connected relationship over 30days

Relationship DISCLOSURE is designed to get to the root of your problems.

Developing and creating a strong bond with your partner takes work. There are many levels in life and each level brings with it many challenges: From the honeymoon, buying a home, careers, becoming new parents, poor health, no sex, to looking after aging parents and much more in between. Couples need to master communication skills to not only survive but to thrive over the years to come. ** Private health rebates may apply

Most people have heard about the 5 Primary Love Languages but what does that mean for you and your relationship?

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Quality time
  3. Physical touch
  4. Acts of service
  5. Receiving gifts

Guide for booking for sessions:

Step 1. You and your partner attend a 1hr standard appointment together

Step 2. You and your partner come in individually for a 1 hr standard appointment (confidential)

Step 3. You book a 2hr “Disclosure appointment” Once you book the disclosure appointment a Questionnaire link is automatically sent to the inbox of the person who booked. That person needs to share the link to their partner.

Step 4. Complete the questionnaire and return it to 48hrs prior to your Disclosure appointment.

NB: Your questionnaires will not be shared with your partner (confidential)

This session will turn the lights in on your relationship. You will be working with a Relationship Therapist for 120mins and over this time you will be identifying what some of the one percenter’s that have added up which are now coursing you both so much pain.

You will be given tools and coping strategies in this session together with homework

Step 5. We then move onto: The Reset Moving forward please book 2weeks after your last session


NB: Step 5, You must be an existing client and completed the Disclosure steps to book this session

Ok you have done the hard work WELL DONE! The goal of couples counselling is to help couples develop more effective communication and problem-solving skills so they can strengthen their relationship. RESET is about digging down to understand your partner on a deeper level. When we have been together for a while, we tend to assume things about one another. The RESET appointment is all about getting to know your partner again and being interested in each other. The expected outcome from the therapist’s view is for the couple to start looking to the future with united goals, agreed boundaries and clear expectations. This session is 120min when you book this appointment a questionnaire is personally designed for your relationship and will be sent to your email.

What are your reasons for not working on your relationship or your family?


Gear Up Your Relationship for Success

We’re here to help you with our in-person and online couples counselling as well as other services such as mediation and life coaching.

What Are the Benefits of Couples Counselling?

Marriage Counselling
Relationship Counselling
Pre-Marriage Counselling

Couples counselling can help save a relationship by providing a space for both partners to openly express their thoughts and feelings. A couples counsellor will guide the parties involved to identify any issues causing conflict within the relationship. By working together, couples can resolve these issues and improve their relationship. Couples counselling also provides support during difficult times, such as when one partner is dealing with a mental health issue or struggling with addiction. In some cases, they may be referred to another specialist or encouraged to do other forms of therapy if the counsellor thinks it may be necessary. If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, scheduling a couples counselling session might just be the step you need to take.

What Issues Can Couples Counselling Address?

It’s hard to have a successful relationship without encountering a few bumps in the road. But some couples seem to face more challenges than others. If you’re having trouble in your relationship, you’re not alone. Many couples struggle with common relationship problems like the following:

  • Communication Difficulties
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Financial Difficulties
  • Jealousy
  • Infidelity
  • Different Parenting Styles
  • Different Interests and Hobbies

Couples counselling can help couples work through these problems. It only takes a few minutes to book an initial consultation, so don’t wait until it’s too late.