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Relationship Counselling Canberra


  • Relationships between two (2) human beings can be complexed, then add children of all ages and parents of all ages.
  • Is your Career the dream you once had for yourself?
  • Do you have an urge to please others and prove yourself?
  • Are you in a relationship that is not working for you?
  • Is your lack of confidence holding you back?

So you have tried lots of things hoping each time that you would feel - well, you weren’t totally sure how you wanted to feel. But maybe just not as empty, as you do right now.

More people are seeking help with exactly the same issues, naively thinking that it was unique to them..

Regardless of whether you are on a six figure income in a senior management position, a founder of a multi-national organisation or manager of a small retail outlet – they are presented with the same challenge – lack of focus and an ongoing feeling of emptiness- minimal control of their thoughts and actions – something is missing – and they didn’t know how to define it or fix it.

All their energy is going into their job and career – and no or very little energy was invested into their personal life. Many of these people were well paid, lived in beautiful homes, have agreat partner, holidays – to the outside world – everything seems perfect. But inside they are feeling empty and alone with a yearning for more something.

Media release: POWER OF PEAK PERFORMANCE Discovering your missing link

New Book “THE POWER OF PEAK PERFORMANCE Discovering your missing link”. It is a smorgasbord of ideas, models and techniques. Barton shares some simple systems to implement into your daily life. Others are more challenging and confronting. “Some will jump off the page and you will say to yourself, Wow, I can’t believe I thought about myself that way for so long.”

A recurring theme in Barton’s writing is on the need to have strong and reliable relationships in personal life in order to achieve business success. “Time and again I see top-level executives with more stuff, more to do lists, more, more, more … but little satisfaction!” says the married mother of three. “Businesses have their mission and vision statements – yet people and fewer leaders see the link and the need to transfer those same business skills to their personal life by creating a purpose, plan, and future-focused goals for themselves to work towards achieving overall peak performance.”Ultimately, The Power of Peak Performance is a handy and thought-provoking book of discovery – “discovering you” – and what you really want to do with your life. “This book will give you a future focus plan and purpose to help you to achieve peak performance for the rest of your life. If I ever won a Gold Medal it would read ‘Darleen assisted people to feel more happiness and less pain’.