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Anxiety Counselling Canberra



Anxiety is one of the most crippling states one can experience and untreated can negatively affect your quality of life.

There is a fine line between anxiety and excitement. The line between being a little nervous and excited about trying something new versus that overwhelming feeling of anxiety, when we feel helpless and unable to cope.

It is all about our perception of an incident, thought feeling, maybe from the past or the present Many people think they can’t do something, self-doubt creeps in, and they set themselves up to fail, with failure comes anxiety and more negative self-talk resulting in sometimes a scattered feeling of having to get out of where you are urgently.

You may feel breathless with numbness or pins and needles in your face and arms. Anxiety can be a feeling brought on by no apparent reason. You may be having a coffee with friends in a café and all of a sudden for some reason you need to go, unable to explain why or the feeling.

Anxiety, Phobia’s and Fears are real to you, the brains primary function is to keep you safe. When your thoughts and beliefs become hobbling your brain is being over protective.