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DIPAC offers Counselling services for the Canberra, Queanbeyan and ACT region from our offices at Level 1 - 18 National Circuit, Barton ACT. So if you believe you need Counselling in the Canberra area or just want to talk to someone, we can help. Call today on: 02 6198 3423 or use our contact form and we will call you back.

It is not an admission of failure to admit that you may need help, it is a sign of strength. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. So if you believe that you could benefit from any kind of counselling, you should not hesitate to contact DIPAC Counselling. This article will list the benefits of counselling and why it is important to seek help as soon as possible.

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We’re a counselling service in Canberra that specialises in several different areas of counselling, including:

If you feel like you need help in any of the above areas, you should not hesitate to call us. We're living in a stressful and difficult world. Sometimes, this can really affect us and drag our mental health down. If you feel like you might be struggling, whether it be with anxiety or relationship issues, you should consider using DIPAC Counselling services.

DIPAC Counselling Canberra

Counselling has more benefits the sooner you seek help. For instance, anxiety is a serious condition that could severely impact your quality of life. Anxiety forces you to spend most of your time worrying about events that may or may not come to pass, severely impacting your health. It can reduce your concentration, impair your memory, and lead to loss of sleep. Consequently, anxiety is a circle. You have an original anxious thought that then causes another, that then impacts your life and so on. The side effects, such as lack of sleep and concentration, will impact your work and life, making you more anxious and completing the circle.

Anxiety can prevent you from expanding your social circle, or meeting your current social obligations. Further, it can impact your work life. If you're incredibly anxious, you may not want to apply for a promotion as you don't believe you could handle it.

Additionally, if you're struggling with relationship issues, you will benefit from counselling the earlier you receive help. Relationship counselling could help you fix any behavioural issues and communication struggles before they become a severe drain on the relationship.

In addition to marriage and relationship counselling, if you're struggling to resolve a dispute among close friends, you should consider mediation. Mediation is an informal process whereby a counsellor will act as a mediator. This allows for a more relaxed environment where communication is key. This is not only to be cheaper than formal legal action but also means there is a higher chance that a relationship between the two parties will not be destroyed.

Why you should I use DIPAC Counselling?

The best way to deal with the above issues is to seek counselling. If you believe that you're suffering from anxiety, have relationship issues, or if you need mediation, you should not hesitate to get in contact with one of our counsellors.

If you believe you need therapy in the Canberra area, feel free to contact DIPAC Counselling. Our expert counsellors offer tried and tested methods that you can control your anxious thoughts, help with your relationship, or resolve a dispute. Furthermore, our professional staff will also help you to develop the skills necessary to manage and control your struggles, so you can look after yourself beyond the treatment. Counselling, like dentistry, often has the best results when dealt with as soon as possible.

So, do not hesitate to call us today on: 02 6198 3423 or use our contact form and we will call you back. Your struggles can take over your life, we can help you make a positive change.

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If you want to talk to someone, contact us today to book an appointment with our professional staff who will help you develop the skills necessary to manage and control your struggles, so you can look after yourself beyond the treatment.

We also offer counselling in Canberra for issues such as bereavement, family matters, anxiety, marital counselling, relationship counselling, couples counselling and even pre-marriage counselling.

DIPAC & Assoc: Darleen Barton, is regulated under the appropriate registrations (Practicing Counsellor & registered with ACA - Australian Counselling Association Members Practicing & registered Mediator with NMAS Members Practicing and registered member International Institute of Complementary Therapy - Counselling, Mediation, Positive Psychology Members, Practicing & registered - Life Coping Coach & Sobriety Coach - ICF International Coaching Federation Members and also provides support services to the general public. NDIS Provider registration.

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