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The Lawyers Coach

As a lawyer or person in a similar role, you chose your path for a certain reason. Was it your parents’ influence? Did you get good grades in school? Did you enjoy the debate team and do it well? Did you win a few arguments and become the “go-to” person in school? Did you thrive on challenges? Were you a hard worker? Were you competitive by nature and good at sports?

  • Once you became a lawyer and transformed into the practical space, what happened? Did you become overwhelmed? Fearful? Disappointed? Self-loathing? Did you have feelings of failure, anxiety, and depression?
  • How have you been able to cope? Alcohol? Substance abuse? Gambling? Unscrupulous fixes? Affairs? Resignation? Giving up? Self soothing...
  • How does your career affect your personal life? Relationship suffers? Family life suffers? Unable to focus on personal goals? Limited fun or no fun? None of what you have learned prepares you for the stresses of being a lawyer. Law is very diverse—from medicine to construction and bankruptcy. There really isn’t a “general” lawyer!

How do you rate your CONFIDENCE right now?

Taking the DIPAC Approach

Studies indicate that lawyer coaching engagement is greatly successful and is finding its way into companies for improved personal satisfaction and increased performance. There are five compelling reasons why lawyers engage coaches and how law firms can benefit from making coaching a positive part of their workplace culture:

1) Performance, 2) Well-being, 3) Perspective, 4) Confidence, and 5) Accountability.

To be successful in a modern legal market, attorneys need, presentation skills, stand up with confidence and deliver a compelling argument, be seen for all the right reasons.

They also need:

  • New knowledge - Not academic but Vocational knowledge
  • A break from the stress- Coping Strategies
  • Problem solving and emotional resilience skills
  • New experiences- Learn to communicate on an emotional level without losing your balance.
  • Business fundamentals- Sales, Marketing, Delivery, Service, Networking etc...

It takes courage to listen and learn outside of a university setting- You are safe no more, you need life skills, business skills...

You can take on an apprenticeship or you can fast track and get ahead of the game...

If you think the last investment you will make in yourself is school? Might need to rethink that...