Are You Limited To Being Happy Only if Certain Things Happen?

Where did you come up with what happiness is for you? Are you limiting your own ability to be happy?

You have had experiences in your life that vary from slightly uncomfortable to traumatic, are you banking these experiences? If you are for what purpose do they serve you?

Are you feeling adrift in the currents of life, uncertain of where you are headed or how to find genuine happiness? If you are struggling with loss, grief, career ambiguity, loneliness, or marital unhappiness, there is a journey worth exploring—one that might offer the guidance and solace you seek. Picture a path that leads you away from the weight of fears, doubts, and attachments that hold you back from experiencing the joy and fulfillment you long for. It is a journey rooted in the profound notion of surrendering to happiness.

At its essence, surrendering to happiness is about embracing life’s ebbs and flows, accepting the present moment, and discovering inner peace regardless of external chaos. It is a departure from the exhausting pursuit of control, inviting you to release the grip of the ego and open yourself to the guidance of a deeper wisdom, a universal force that gently nudges you in the right direction.

What might you find along this transformative journey? Imagine cultivating mindfulness, learning to be fully present in each moment without judgment or distraction. Envision the liberation of letting go—shedding the burdens of expectations, desires, and outcomes, and relinquishing control over situations beyond your influence.

But perhaps most importantly, this journey leads you to the heart of inner freedom, where you come to realize that true happiness is not something external to be chased but an intrinsic part of your being. It is about embracing acceptance, recognizing life’s complexities, with its highs and lows, and understanding that resistance only prolongs suffering.

In this space of surrender, there’s room for trust—a deep faith in the inherent goodness of the universe, even amidst the darkest of times. And as you navigate this path, you will find yourself guided by the wisdom of those who have traversed it before, offering insights and support to help you integrate these principles into your daily life. So, if you have been feeling lost, if the heaviness of life weighs you down, consider taking a step into the unknown. Surrender to happiness beckons, offering a chance to break free from the patterns of the mind that keep you trapped and discover a profound sense of peace, contentment, and joy that has been within reach all along.

We are finite beings living in an infinite world, knowing this we all struggle with our purpose, the meaning of life and where do we belong. We live in a world where we have no control yet we live most of our lives attempting to control our destiny. It is my belief we are here to learn and along the way we learn from our experiences and the experiences of others who are on our path along the way. We are not here to worry about the past or the future, the past has gone and future is not yet here. Being mindful is about asking questions to yourself, you may like to start here- Who am I being? What am I doing? What do I really want? What do I stand for? What is my purpose? What is happiness for me? Does my body feel peaceful? What am I the sum of? What do I need to let go of? I think you may be getting the idea; it is not about the external we should be reaching for but the internal, it is more about the you.

As long as you keep reliving past experiences and as long as you resist learning new ways of thinking and being shackled to your limited self belief, you will never experience true happiness and live an abundant life. Happiness starts within and it may take a little help from time to time to challenge you on your learned thoughts and behaviours.