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About Darleen Barton

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Author of 7 Books and a Number 1 Best seller on Amazon - Personal Development

Driver of Peak Performance in Business & Life

Re-branded in 2014 to DIPAC & Assoc TM


As an active, innovative, energetic and accomplished Performance activist with a history of achievement and exceptional results, Darleen Barton’s profile reads like a litany of distinction and success in many and various industries. Her talents are numerous and her skills extensive. Yet despite all of her achievements, Darleen has always remained attuned to the needs of others, listened to their concerns with a focus on solutions -renowned for ‘being there’ when it matters most and finding innovative ways out of the quagmire. You want to talk over a universe of social issues in Business and life Darleen Barton is your women! You have a problem ask Darleen … People are looking for coping strategies, Darleen provides the keys to unlocking the shackles that holds one back.

Achiever and Strategist

  • Senior member accredited - International Coaching Federation
  • Accredited - Australian Mediators Assoc - Legal - Civil-Family - Corporate
  • Member- AICD - Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Senior member accredited - International Institute of complementary Therapy

Darleen is keen to remain at the forefront of credibility and integrity in her chosen industry. As a Certified professional in her fields of expertise, Darleen demonstrates her commitment to her clients. They always have the assurance that she not only knows what she is talking about, but she is dedicated to delivering only the best.

  • Darleen’s achievements:
    • BusinessDevelopment
    • Human Communication
    • Senior Management
    • Author
    • Human Resources
    • Advanced DipPsychology/Counseling
    • Advance Dip Legal Mediation
    • NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming & CBT Practitioner
    • Dip Personal/Professional/ Coaching
    • Business Coaching
    • Family Coaching
    • Recovery Coaching
    • Life Coaching
  • Studied at the University of Queensland Medical Code of conduct, Accredited Mediator NMAS, International Career Institute, Australian Life Coaching Institute, 10x Business Coaching, Australian Institute of Management, FWI Coaching Academy
  • Multi-Award winning recipient in Management, Sales and Training for four multinational healthcare / medicalorganization’s.
  • Small Business Agricultural Entrepreneurs Award winner 2001.
  • Darleen works with many successful clients to achieved their Peak Performance


Being a collaborator with intra and extra agencies and stakeholders has meant that Darleen has been able to organise, manage and maintain successful and varying policies and procedures in many diverse areas. Darleen managed the distribution and compliance of developmental and generic medications to Hospitals and Pharmacies nationally, and with her innate eye for the whole picture, Darleen was able to take advantage of her unique position within the Pharmaceuticals Industry to develop and share her business strategies with Pharmacies to assist them in managing a balance between OTC (over the counter) and dispensary medications.

Industry Leader

With her exceptional successes in Multi National organisations, Darleen was approached to oversee and manage a division in an ACT Healthcare organisation. Upon her arrival, the division was turning over in excess of 300k. By the time Darleen had worked with the unit to develop its full potential it was turning over 3.5million within 2 years. Darleen and her team were nationally recognised as the company’s peak performers for 2  consecutive years. These stories are many in a long history of successes by Darleen.


As part of her many and varied roles in her professional career Darleen was successful in securing and managing the Commonwealth Government tender for Relocations. In this role Darleen was responsible for the transparency of overseas postings for delegates and their families in the Federal Government. In this role, factors such as transport and relocation logistics, cross-cultural training, appropriate school’s integration, housing location and more had to be considered and organised by her.



Not all of Darleen’s life has been about business. She is a down to earth woman who knows success in life and is often supported by those who love her most. She also recognizes the importance of self -growth in herself and others. Being a mother of Three (3), a wife, a daughter and a grand mother of Two (2) she knows the importance of strong and reliable relationships. These are the foundations that allow one the freedom to move forward with confidence.

Business Developer

Darleen and her successful and innovative approach to all her projects and tasks have meant that she has not gone unnoticed by others. Because of her renown, Darleen was asked to head up the project and development of Healthscope Pathology and Specialty within one of Canberra’s finest private hospitals. Within the first 3 months of opening the lab, Darleen was instrumental in attracting business worth over one million dollars.

Business Owner

Darleen started her first business at the age of 25 years ready to take on the stimulation and challenges of the corporate world in her own right; Darleen was moved to begin a business of her own. In this capacity she was able to develop her own interests in design and presentation by opening her own interior design business. It wasn’t long before her already keen and honed skills brought success to her and she was able to develop a manufacturing arm of the business as well as decorating display homes for Masterton Homes, AV Jennings and the like.

Confidence in Action - CIA

Throughout her many and varied experiences, Darleen’s acute awareness of what works and what doesn’t has meant that she has been able to help others in developing their own successful business strategies and procedures. She also rubbed shoulders with different types of Business/Performance/Personal Counsellors, Coaches, Lawyers, Medical Practitioners and successful SME owners with wildly differing styles. What she noticed was that a more flexible, attuned and direct approach was needed to fully service the needs of Individuals and Business owners. This is why Darleen began her own Coaching business - Confidence in Action, C.I.A “TM” in 2009 she them went on to add Mediation and Counselling to her skills.

Again, success has been drawn to Darleen with her revolutionary approaches to mentoring and guiding Individuals and Business owners in harnessing their own success. And now, her very successful coaching/therapy/mediation business has brought many and diverse businesses to her door, seeking new & better ways to cope with the ever-changing needs and demands of life, family, business and the ever changing economy.

Darleen has been asked to speak nationally and internationally about the unique People models and methods she utilises to ensure greatest success and she is constantly in demand. She believes she key is Combination therapy working hand in hand with the patients GP or Specialist. Darleenconstantly reminds all that “ Your degree will not stop you from falling” life does not discriminate. When reviewing the highlights of Darleen’s journey, it is no surprise that this amazing woman has achieved so much, and continues to enthral all with whom she comes into contact. There is much more to Darleen’s life journey, over the past 30 years Darleen has been involved in as many businesses as possible and has worked with as many individuals as possible to get to where she is now.

Darleen is a teacher of strategy and resilience in life, because she knows you are worth it! Darleen strongly believes with Highly effective individuals comes Highly effective businesses, with Confidence comes Action - C.I.A ® “Investigate yourself ® Author - “The Power of Peak Performance Discovering your missing link” and many Human Peak performance Ebooks.

Now - DIPAC & Assoc bringing you more effective, efficient ways to live your life and grow your life or business with strength and purpose.