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Darleen has always remained attuned to the needs of others, listened to their concerns with a focus on solutions - renowned for ‘being there’ when it matters most and finding innovative ways out of the quagmire. Darleen is an active, innovative, energetic and accomplished activist with a history of achievement and results. If you want to talk over a universe of issues in life, Darleen is the women to talk to. People are looking for coping strategies and Darleen can provide the keys to unlocking the shackles that holds one back.


Darleen is keen to remain at the forefront of credibility and integrity in her chosen industry. As a certified professional, Darleen demonstrates her commitment to her clients. They always have the assurance that she not only knows what she is talking about, but she is dedicated to delivering solutions. Darleen works with many successful clients to achieve happiness.


As part of her many and varied roles in her professional career Darleen was successful in securing and managing the Commonwealth Government tender for Relocations. In this role Darleen was responsible for the transparency of overseas postings for delegates and their families in the Federal Government. In this role, factors such as transport and relocation logistics, cross-cultural training, appropriate school’s integration, housing location and more had to be considered and organised by her.

Darleen is a down to earth woman who knows success in life and is often supported by those who love her most. She also recognizes the importance of self growth in herself and others. Being a mother of three (3), a wife, a daughter and a grand mother of two (2) she knows the importance of strong and reliable relationships. These are the foundations that allow one the freedom to move forward with confidence.

Throughout her many and varied experiences, Darleen’s acute awareness of what works and what doesn’t has meant that she has been able to help others in developing their own successful strategies and procedures. From her experience of different types of counsellors and coaches, she noticed a more flexible, attuned and direct approach was needed to fully service the needs of individuals. This is why Darleen began her own business in 2009 to offer Mediation and Counselling services.

Darleen's revolutionary approach to mentoring and guiding Individuals in harnessing their own success and happiness has resulted in a very successful coaching / therapy / mediation business has brought many and diverse individuals through her doors, seeking new and better ways to cope with the ever changing needs and demands of life, family, business and the ever changing economy.

Darleen has been asked to speak nationally and internationally about the unique people models and methods she utilises to ensure the greatest success and she is constantly in demand. She believes the key is a combination of therapy and working hand in hand with the individual. Darleen constantly reminds all that life does not discriminate.

Darleen is a teacher of strategy and resilience in life, because she knows you are worth it!

Treating Everyone Equally

DIPAC treats everyone equally, charging affordable prices with private billing available. Darleen Barton founded DIPAC and associates with a vision, aiming to provide a service that is friendly and calm, yet firm and efficient when needed. DIPAC understands the need to put our patients and clients first and keeps this value at the heart of everything we do. To find out more about Darleen's impeccable record for conflict resolution and counselling, why not check out her testimonials online. Alternatively, browse our website for more information, or contact DIPAC today to find out more about the services we are able to offer, and begin your journey towards success and contentment.

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If you want to talk to someone, contact us today to book an appointment with our professional staff who will help you develop the skills necessary to manage and control your struggles, so you can look after yourself beyond the treatment.

We also offer counselling in Canberra for issues such as bereavement, family matters, anxiety, marital counselling, relationship counselling, couples counselling and even pre-marriage counselling.

DIPAC & Assoc: Darleen Barton, is regulated under the appropriate registrations (Practicing Counsellor & registered with ACA - Australian Counselling Association Members Practicing & registered Mediator with NMAS Members Practicing and registered member International Institute of Complementary Therapy - Counselling, Mediation, Positive Psychology Members, Practicing & registered - Life Coping Coach & Sobriety Coach - ICF International Coaching Federation Members and also provides support services to the general public. NDIS Provider registration.

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