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Your Decisions - Your Actions - YOUR RESULTS every time!

Coaching for - CEO’s, Managing Directors, General Managers.

Businesses are built through having the courage to Step out of the ordinary, embrace curiosity and research.

Do you need to attract the people who want what you want!

ALL the power is in the implementation! It’s your move…


It’s time to set records with discipline, focus, confidence, relaxation and above all else…enjoyment.

Strategies and tactics for your business, your business and personal relationships, parenting, and maintaining a sustainable positive, innovative mind.

Sometimes the only move you need to make is out of your own way

  • How is your head space working for you?
  • Have you lost the ability to see the space between the leaves?

The Goal is to assist you to Build Sustainable, Robust, and Profitable Businesses, whilst living a purposeful happy life.

Your Decisions - Your Actions - WILL give you YOUR RESULTS every time

Business Strategy

  • Mission Statement/Purpose
  • Goals
  • Milestones
  • Beliefs/ behaviours/ actions
  • Research
  • Who wears what hat?
  • Marketing
  • Product and Services
  • Environment
  • Budgets
  • Company Goals
  • Delivery
  • Accomplishments

Stage 1 to 5

  • Egocentric 
  • High Levels of Distraction 
  • Converional Results 
  • Limited Implementation

Exisiting Stage 6

  • Already have a complete written strategy

New Stage 6 

  • Continual study and revision of written strategies
  • High level of teachability

Strategy 360: Randall Bell


DIPAC uses a HOLISTIC model and we believe it’s all up to:
You - Your Decisions - Your Actions - Your Results

Success Strategy

  • Do the homework
  • Get the big picture
  • Think ‘Team Sport”
  • Get the word out
  • Keep in shape
  • Enjoy the view
  • Add value
  • Pick a target
  • Make it happen
  • Build a legacy