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What do people say about their Experience?

Firstly, thank you so much for your help with resolving my personal issues. I feel so healthy and as if a giant weight has been taken off my shoulders.

Also thank you again for invigorating my mind and helping me to begin the process of finding my passion and chasing my dream, whatever that may be.

James - Miner Western Australia

I enlisted the expertise of Darleen Barton under her business DIPAC & Assoc in the capacity as a contractor/corporate counsellor for my business for approximately 5 months of around 40 hours per week. In this role, Darleen acted in the capacity as my personal counsellor as well as conducting her role as GM for one of my businesses from January 2016 to May 2016. My role in my organisation is CEO and Practicing GP, Belconnen Medical Centre & Condor Medical Centre.

I chose to work closely with Darleen after meeting her firstly in 2010 and her years of experience in the healthcare profession over more than 10 years. Darleen is a caring and compassionate person, who used her skills in Psychology, Counselling, Mediation and Business to develop myself and my staff within my Medical practices, Speciality practice and my Skin Practice.

During Darleen's 5-month contract with my business, she was instrumental in restructuring the organisation, implementing policies, procedures and implemented training to ensure healthcare guide lines where followed. Darleen identified skill shortages in the businesses and took action to source higher level candidates. Darleen's role was not an easy one by any means she was met with many hurdles from long term staff who had been with the organisation for 15 plus years and the younger demographic who's work ethic at the time was questionable.

During Darleen's time with my organisation both she and I worked closely together on many projects. One milestone she was able to achieve relieving me of much financial pressure was sourcing a suitable purchaser for a business I had purchased some years ago. I had personally tried to sell this business may times. Darleen personally managed my stress levels every step of the way over 12 weeks and was able to finalise the transaction seamlessly.

I welcome a further discussion with anyone wishing to discuss Darleen Barton's skills and professionalism.

Dr Nathem Al-naser - CEO and Practicing GP, Belconnen Medical Centre & Condor Medical Centre.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Darleen since approximately 2010, when she worked as a Pharmaceutical Educator and was well respected by myself and colleagues in the medical profession. Over the last year Darleen has been closely involved in companies associated with the Belconnen Specialist Centre. Having had this period of quite close contact with Darleen I have come to highly respect her integrity and honesty and thoroughly enjoy her positive attitude. I have also noted that Darleen has a great sense of responsibility and dedication in assisting others to meet their goals, doing so in a collaborative manner.

During the abovementioned period of association with the Belconnen Specialist Centre Darleen effectively counselled staff on a range of issues (e.g., grievances; conflict within the workplace) and I was on all occasions impressed with her counselling expertise and professionalism. I also provided clinical supervision to Darleen during this period and from those occasions concluded that Darleen had significant experience in working face to face with clients over many years.

It is my opinion that Darleen is a most organised, efficient and highly competent person who readily builds rapport with people from all walks of life. She is a skilled professional, whose significant business building skills and acumen, together with mediation abilities have been frequently observed. Darleen is a ‘knowledge sharer’ and of importance keeps her information up to date. She is hardworking and passionate about using this knowledge for the betterment of those individuals and companies who utilise her services.

I am happy to discuss this reference further if required.

Name Withheld - Clynical Psychologist

On 12 August 2014 I contracted Darleen Barton for an initial period of 4 consecutive months to assist me in my business and as a self development coach/therapist. This role is necessarily an eclectic one which Darleen has to adjust and adapt for each client as we all have our own unique business challenges and personal circumstances.

Just prior to contracting Darleen I had greatly expanded my business, purchased a large property and fitted it out to house my current and future businesses. That, along with some difficult staffing issues left me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. In hindsight contracting Darleen to assist meboth on a business and personal level has been one of the best business decisions I have made.

Following completion of our initial 4 month contract, I re-signed for another 4 months, so our contractual relationship continues apace.

Darleen brings an optimistic, enthusiastic energy to her role, along with a dynamic creativity and aplomb. Darleen is articulate, personable and one thing I particularly like is that she continues her own education daily, be it listening to tapes in her car, reading, or reaching out and meeting with others in areas of interest to her. She has a wealth of knowledge that she brings to bear from her wide experience in jobs roles, her own businesses, education and in dealing with her own present and past clients.

In business Darleen is intelligent, astute and hard headed. She has brought a fresh and, to me initially, quite a surprisingly different approach to my business that has been invaluable.

I have several other business projects that we are currently working and having Darleen as a sounding board, another perspective and a fantastic ideas person in my camp, is invaluable to this developmental process.

First of all Darleen is an honest and highly trustworthy, reliable person. She also has a caring and nurturing side to her character which at first appears almost at odds with her firm no nonsense business approach. Darleen has a great sense of humour and has a fun playful side to her which is most endearing.

So I make no hesitation and indeed am honoured to recommend Darleen without any reservation or caveat, as an exemplary business woman, a wonderful coach.

Catherine I Lucas, C.E.O. Owner and Director Lucas Studios, Lucas Studio Holdings, Lucas Health, Lucas Sports

I have no hesitation in recommending Darleen. Darleen is extremely effective in bringing out the issues, steering you on the right path and providing the level of support and motivation to let you achieve what you need to achieve.
Anyone or any business, who is not performing at their best, can only benefit from Darleen's skills.

John Learmonth, Senior Bank Manager NAB

We engaged the services of Darleen for our annual business planning and the two days with Darleen were excellent and well worth it. Darleen was able to engage with all staff and we found the insights gained from the two days were priceless.

Darren Stevens, Director Godfrey Pembroke Financial Planners 

There was a time in my life where I had lost my way and my purpose. It took courage to pick up the phone after being recommended to Darleen.  I have worked with Darleen both as a client for personal coaching and also my patients to help them achieve the outcomes they are looking for. She goes the extra mile for her clients all of the time the knowledge and understanding of what makes people tick and her ability to identify this quickly is just one of her many expertise. One of her greatest strength is to be able to work across personal and business and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an improvement in their life in ANY area.

Anonymous GP Practitioner

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation Darleen on behalf of the ACT branch of the Royal Australasian College of surgeons for your contribution towards the annual scientific meeting in Canberra held at the The Australian War Memorial. I hope we can build on this relationship for future meetings.

Dr David Rangiah

I have been working with Darleen for several months and have found the experience both worthwhile and sometimes challenging as Darleen set the course of action for me to change from why am to who I want to be I have no hesitation in recommending Darleen to anyone seeking to change their lives from one of chance to one of choice!

David Meers, Director, Godfrey Pembroke Financial Planner

Darleen is a peak performance coach with a difference. She is dedicated to helping you live your life and run your business 'on purpose', seeking out goals and new ways to succeed with every venture. She is an expert in her field and I highly recommend her.

Lisa McKelvie, Director Zebra Photography

Darleen has great ideas for drawing like-minded people together for the greater good. I've seen her inspire people to work together and gain benefits that are often above and beyond that of an individual effort.

Irene Hazillias , Marketing Manager HRMWEB PTY LTD

Working with Darleen has allowed me to see the things I couldn’t see here the things I couldn’t hear and feel the things I couldn’t feel. By opening my eyes, ears and heart to other possibilities I have been able to make changes in my life that have allowed me to improve the results I get on a day-to-day basis.

When I met Darleen I had reached a point where I was tired of the time, I was finding it hard and time consuming to think through solutions to problems. I was working to understand things that were happening and how other people were affecting my life without achieving any changes. I have always been someone who likes to independently work through things so that I have personal achievement and Darleen has given me the tools and knowledge to implement actions myself to get the results I want.

From the moment I met Darleen she injected my life with energy and enthusiasm. She supplied the right balance of support and tough love that you need to leap forward in your life and business. She is honest and forthright in her dealings with you which is positive and refreshing.

Working with Darleen has given me the tools and knowledge to change how I think. By changing my approach I have improved the response and interaction I have with my family friends and co-workers. If you have ever felt like you know where you want to go but need that someone who can help you bring it all together then I have no hesitation in recommending Darleen to you.

Ingrid Workman, Director Bentley Accountants

I first met Darleen in a professional capacity when I was seeking a business consultant to help me perform better in establishing my company. After a few short meetings with Darleen I was really impressed with not only her obvious astute business acumen, but her ability to truly understand me as a person and care about what personal growth I needed to make as well. I soon realised that in order to get my professional life in balance, I needed to work on my personal life and individual issues and I felt truly comfortable with Darleen guiding the way. Darleen has an incredible knack of knowing exactly what the core issue years to every personal and business dilemma and has the experience, theory, tools and empathy to have become one of the most inspirational people in my life. Not only is she intelligent and equipped with a multitude of tools but she is witty and down-to-earth with it. You never feel alone and you always know you have a confidant that is emotionally invested in you succeeding as you are. I will never look back from this point forward.

Kelly West, Director Westerly Dreams Australia PTY LTD

I have had the great pleasure of being Darleen Barton’s client, Darleen has a wealth of experience from so many areas of her life she draws on to assist her clients. Darleen is a passionate professional who can communicate with people from all walks of life and she demonstrates the highest level of commitment to her clients and anyone else she comes in contact with I have loved my sessions with her as she is fun, motivating and inspiring to be around, she keeps me on track, accountable and honest. Darleen has very high morals and values of which I am proud to be associated with. With Darleen you never feel alone you feel like you have a whole community of people around you as she draws people to her. I have grown enormously in confidence since working with Darleen I have become a better communicator and listener and therefore am achieving so much more. I would recommend Darleen to anyone who wants to become more successful, confident and have fun doing it.

C.Queale,  Chief Executive Officer

I know I have said it many times already however I want to give you a reminder, thank you so much for coaching me over the last six months I will be forever grateful to you for rescuing me….. Yes I know- from myself.

Whilst it was tough at times and frustrating I have enjoyed you pushing and prodding me as I always felt sure that you have my best interests at heart; and not there just to collect the money for our sessions.

I was amazed at the breadth of your knowledge that can bind with your compassion; friendliness and drive make sure it was a case of when- not if solutions would be achieved.

It was great to discover myself and change my state of mind, I’m really looking forward to the next stage of my life now.!!

It must be said also that thanks to your help I now believe I have the confidence and tools to tackle any future challenges.

I’m sure we will talk again soon but in the meantime thank you once again

Mick O Malley, Managing Director Electrical Services Network

If you want to see the best success in building your business, communicating in your community is crucial. The contacts you create, the relationships you nurture the language you use, the information you deliver, the advice you take on board, the support you give and the support you receive… These are all vital elements to ensure you get your business when you wanted to be. Darleen has shown me how to run my business more effectively and efficiently than I ever knew possible. I now can connect with my staff my family on a whole new level giving me outstanding results. Thank you, thank you

Gary Schiller Director, Breyk-Throo PTY LTD

An integral part of any business is the ability to be able to clearly communicate with clients, both professionally and in a manner that will relate directly to the individual on a personal level. I have seen a positive response in my interactions with our firm and our clients since our adoption of those business coaching methods being implemented with Darleen, and her performance methodology. Not only has it added client worth, new clients to our business, it has also benefited me personally with a better and more refined approach to my own business practices quality and output and work commitments.

Ante Vatavuk,  Senior Accountant

The positivity and enthusiasm that Darleen exudes is unmistakable and unrivalled. Darleen has given my business a clear direction and has contributed to identifying the missing ingredient needed for a successful business.

The discipline and accountability Darleen installed has enabled me and my business to change from a small financial   practice into a growing business.

The very personal one-on-one sessions with Darleen conducted with each one of our team members allowed each staff member to improve different components of their game.

Darleen identified the issues pertinent in my business and a clear plan of implementation of strategies to overcome and combat these issues.

The long-term benefits have been inspirational and indeed life changing

Granville Accounting Director - Principal Accountant

Darleen will help you set and achieve your goals and then reward yourself! She’s the best at what she does and loves to see others succeed there will be fun frivolity and plenty of achievements to celebrate. Together you can achieve anything and I’m speaking from first-hand experience! With Darleen support and encouragement I broke the national sales record and consistently overachieved all target over two years. Darleen is a powerhouse of energy enthusiasm and positivity she can get you where you want to go, by using a range of smart techniques and encouraging you to consistently go that extra mile. She is one-of-a-kind!

Jackie Tewes, Sales Executive at MEGT

I have been working with Darleen Barton for the past 6 months, she has assisted me to overcome obstacles in my personal and professional life. Recently my Dr put me on anti-depressants due to some of the negative thoughts I was experiencing. As a professional tennis player I felt I no longer had the internal drive to get up and train and do what I love, my eating habits were changing, over all I was not “firing”. Darleen shared with me a number of tools I could use daily, to keep my mind in the best place for success. At the same time we worked on my personal life. Darleen was my confidant and a wealth of knowledge, I am eternally grateful to her, I no longer take anti-depressants and I am currently playing tennis at an elite level once again.

Thank you so much for being tough and nice at the same time

Jack – Tennis Professional aged 26yrs

I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for all your wonderful support since I started coaching with you over to 12 months ago, firstly my accountancy business and now my optical business. I shared with you what lifestyle and quality of life I needed and you took me by the hand and together we created. You have provided me with the tools that I can use in all areas of my life-business and personal. I am finding that now I have the confidence to hold those difficult conversations that previously I would avoid. You have also helped me to gain focus drive and passion. What a fantastic opportunity I have had to work with you. I am absolutely thrilled to have you personally as my coach I look forward to working with you on continuing on this wonderful journey I am unstoppable!

Korina Choundary, Director Mackinley Optical

After feeling like I was stuck and had used many options I knew to change what I was doing. I knew I needed to engage an external company to help me move forward. After working with Darleen for just a few sessions I started to gain excitement about the future. I found myself constantly future focused with an action plan and goals. In just a few short months I am a better CEO than I ever thought possible and have been successful in the development of a great team culture. My team and myself no longer get bogged down in majoring in the minors we no longer repeat past present mistakes we are future focused and moving forward quickly.

Thank you so much

CEO Mantra Training

We are able to recommend Darleen Barton to anyone who needs a results driven lateral thinking professional to help them get to where they need to go. Many thanks Darleen

Bill and Lyn McKinley Owner/ Director Claremont Services PTY  LTD

Thank you Darleen, Mr Trump thinks you are fantastic and will keep you in mind for future shows should we go back to the regular apprentice format. In the meantime keep up the great work your future is fully intact.

With best wishes

Thuy Colayco , Executive Assistant  The Trump Organization, Manhattan USA

Stage 1 to 5

  • Egocentric 
  • High Levels of Distraction 
  • Converional Results 
  • Limited Implementation

Exisiting Stage 6

  • Already have a complete written strategy

New Stage 6 

  • Continual study and revision of written strategies
  • High level of teachability

Strategy 360: Randall Bell


DIPAC uses a HOLISTIC model and we believe it’s all up to:
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